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Thank you guys for an amazing service. Everything was explained each step of the way. 5 stars.

zak, bmw 328i sport.

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Services Available

At Precision Remaps, we provide a range of flexible services to suit the different needs of our customers. This allows us to offer nationwide and overseas engine tuning solutions. In order to make things as simple as possible, we have broken our services down into 4 tuning options.

If you are unsure about which service is right for your vehicle, then please contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the options.

Mobile Installation

This is our standard and recommended service offering, and still suitable for the majority of vehicles on the road today. All our standard website pricing is based on this mobile service.

At a time suitable to you, one of our factory trained engineers will visit you at your home or place of work to carry out the installation. The installation process is completely transparent, and we hide nothing from you to ensure you can view exactly what is taking place on your vehicle.

Our installation engineer normally carries out a diagnostic (where appropriate), and will then take a complete backup of your factory software. This backup is held in multiple, separate locations to ensure we never lose our customer software. In subject to Data Protection compliance, we will keep this for up to 10 years. Once the engineer has a complete download, the software is securely transmitted back to base where an engineer is waiting on standby. This software is then carefully recalibrated to a brand new setting file, based on pre-determined and perfected (Stage 1 or Stage 2) settings. The new software is then tested for errors and integrity, and once it passes these tests, securely transmitted back to the installation engineer.

The new software is then installed on your vehicle, and you are free to test drive the vehicle. Our installers never leave the customer site until you are completely satisfied, and for most vehicles we need no more than an hour with the vehicle.

The entire end to end process is secure and encrypted, and all our engineers use a standard set of industry leading failsafe tools from recognized vendors such as Alientech and Galletto.

ECU Send To Base

We recognize that some customers like to take a more hands on approach to their vehicles. For this reason, it may be more appropriate for them to send their ECU to us at base for software installation.

Depending on the vehicle type, ECU model and specific customer requirements, we offer this service for the majority of vehicles we can tune. Due to the nature of physical ECU tuning and the varying degrees of complexity between manufacturer installations (especially on modern post 2009 German and European vehicles) it is extremely difficult to provide a fixed online pricelist.

However, our rates are extremely fair and competitive. In many cases, this approach works to the customers advantage as for some slightly older vehicles we can offer a physical ECU tune for as little as £99. A blanket pricelist would not allow us to offer these rates.

As long as we can catch the post in time, our aim is to tune the ECU the same day we receive it and return to the customer as soon as possible ensuring the customers downtime without their vehicle is kept to a minimum. We are more than happy to provide support and guidance to those customers needing some input on how to safely remove their ECU.

We can also provide this service to those customers with post 2009 protected ECUs, however our preference is to normally have those vehicles in our partner workshops where we can use our specialist tools to discretely remove security bolts, etc. Furthermore, we often need to carry out diagnostics to ensure a successful installation on complex modern cars. This is only possible if we have the vehicle at base.

File Only Service

A service we tend not to publicize much is our FILE ONLY remap. If you are relatively IT savvy, and can borrow/buy an ECU flash tool, then Precision Remaps can provide professionally developed and fully guaranteed software for installation on your specific vehicle - tuned exactly to your requirements.

We support all major and some niche tuning hardware including Alientech KESS, KESS V2, Byteshooter, Galletto 1250, 1260 etc.

Please always check with us first to ensure your hardware and vehicle is suitable.

The process is normally for the customer to send us the original file from their car, with vehicle and ECU details. Once we receive cleared payment, the tuned file is released within the hour (during working hours). On prior arrangement, we can tune files outside working hours too.

Please bear in mind our software is fully tested for errors before release, and guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. However the risk is always with the installer as we have no control over the customer hardware configuration.

If you are not comfortable in taking the risk to DIY Flash your ECU, please contact us for a price on our mobile tuning service, where we use our own professional and failsafe tuning equipment.

Bespoke Tuning

In the event that a customer brings to us a vehicle that has been substantially modified from factory configuration i.e. larger turbochargers, engine modifications etc; we can offer a Stage 3 bespoke tuning service to ensure the ECU is correctly calibrated to take best advantage of your new modifications.

This normally includes around a day with the vehicle at our partner workshops, with various dyno runs and logging information captured to ensure we can measure how efficiently your engine is running.